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SummerClean Invisible Antiperspirant(20 PCS)

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Summer is coming, are you still anxious about the following situations?

✅Embarrassment - Sweat under the armpits in summer, contaminated beautiful clothes.
✅Odor - The armpits are rich in sweat glands, and sweat is prone to smell.
✅Sweat pickled - Sweat contains a lot of salt, if it is not cleaned up in time, it will cause burning and pain.

Get rid of summer troubles! Don't worry, your savior is here.

 I must say that this is the first time I was able to wear my work clothes without drenching the underarms. At first, I was skeptical but I wore the tape for 7 hours and my underarms of my jacket and blouse were dry! The tape stays very tightly in place and catches the sweat and does not leak at all.

- Bob Dobbs

Main Features

High-Quality Material

  • Armpit pad made of medical-grade materials, safe and skin-friendly, antibacterial, please feel free to use it. 
  • Thin, comfortable for discreet underarm protection from excessive Sweating. Maintain your favorite clothes underarm area stain-free.

Ultra-thin Breathable

  • Ultra-thin, soft, transparent, and elastic, it provides extreme comfort, disposable antiperspirant pads have strong self-adhesive on clothes, do not worry about falling.
  • Transparent and invisible patch, even if you wear a sleeveless vest, you can use it. Unlike traditional antiperspirant stickers, they can only be worn in clothes with sleeves.

Quick Drying

  • Underarm Sweat Pads can absorb and lock sweat, keep you stay cool and dry all day. Foul odors are eliminated also.
  • You can use it elsewhere except in the armpit, you are free to cut the size that best suits you.

The Best Summer Equipment

  • The armpit prevents sweat pads suitable for job interviews, public speaking or perhaps a meeting, or job negotiations, intimate appointments, dinner parties, anxiety and excitement all can cause excessive sweating and is never fun and always embarrassing.
  • Underarm absorbing sweat pads ideal for people, both men, and women, who sweat a lot.

Use Very Simple Four Steps

Step 1: Cut the sticker to a suitable size.
Step 2: Tear off the yellow sticker.
Step 3: Stick the patch on the skin.
Step 4: Tear off the white sticker.


Material: PU film
Size: 7cm*6cm
Package content: 20 pieces/box


⚠️Once torn off, it cannot be reused.
⚠️Before using this product, please remove armpit hair.
⚠️Please wipe your skin before use and avoid applying antiperspirant to prevent it from being difficult to stick.