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Lonbor®Garden Weeding And Transplant Tool

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Steel Handle
Plastic Handle
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High-carbon steel materials, stable and durable, integrated design, soft rubber handle, comfortable grip, no looseness, and innovative garden hand weeder & transplant tools! 

 ◆| The T-shaped Grip Is Easy To Exert Force
 ◆| One-piece Shovel Body With The Sharp Edge
 ◆| The Ergonomically Curved Spatula Is More Labor-saving
 ◆| High-carbon Steel High-temperature Quenching Forging


How in the world did I ever weed without this? This thing is amazing. If you hit the daffodil root just right you can pretty much get the entire thing out root and all. This makes my wedding so much easier and faster. Everyone with a yard or flower bed needs at least one of these.

- Caroline



Made of high carbon steel, durable and sturdy, not easy to break or deform, rust-resistant, one-piece aluminum shaft leverages against the ground, can Weeding And Transplant easily, practical tool for gardening.


Designed with an ergonomic handle, and features a whole design, there are no screws to come loose so the handles will not come off easily, and also make weeding out roots a lot easier, allow easy wrist movement, and reduce hand fatigue while working.


Put this easy-to-use Garden Weeding And Transplant Tool on the ground and dig the whole roots, stems, and leaves via the tip, helping you get rid of weeding And Transplant worries.


Made from high carbon steel, hard to break or deform. Are you still considering that weeding And Transplant are frustrated? Use our tools to enjoy such a process! It is also an ideal gift for friends or families because it is so beautiful and stable.


Material: High Carbon Steel 
Specifications: Steel Handle / Plastic Handle
Surface process: Polish 
Full Length: 
 - Steel Handle: 36.3 cm / 14.29 inches
 - Plastic Handle: 36.8 cm / 14.49 inches
Blade Length: 
 - Steel Handle: 11.5 cm / 4.53 inches
 - Plastic Handle: 10.8 cm / 4.25 inches
Blade Weight: 
 - Steel Handle: 260 g / 0.57 bl
 - Plastic Handle: 280 g / 0.62 bl

Scope Of Application: Suitable for outdoor digging garlic, digging vegetables, weeding, rooting, gardening, etc.
Package Included: Weeding & Transplant Tool * 1


Pointed part exists, please keep away from little kids.
The color might exist slightly differently due to different displays.
Please allow a 0~0.1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.